Learning project week 6

This week I want to talk about something a little different. I was frustrated with my progress so I wanted to remind myself why I chose to do learn Spanish and why I went into education.

In grade 12 I went on a school trip to Guatemala. At first I didn’t even want to go to Guatemala and I planned on going to New York instead, I am so glad I changed my mind. ive been to 2 Hawaiian islands, travelled Europe and drove the coast of Australia and still Guatemala was the most incredible and life changing trip i’ve ever been on. Even now looking back 5 years after I miss it so badly and ilI talk about Guatemala to pretty much anybody who will listen.

On my trip we visited hospitals, schools, markets, historical buildings, climbed a mountain (could’ve been just a hill I’m from Sask) and went into homes of sponsor kids. I had a sponsor child that I got to meet. Her name was Lilliana Leolinda.

me and my bug!

Lilliana lived with her mom and 5 other siblings. She was super shy at first but was excited to see me again at her school. Her teacher told me that her nickname was “Ladybug” in Spanish so I called her Lily-Bug and she called me that too! I was hooked from this trip on, I knew I wanted to be a teacher.

I sponsored Lilianna for 2 years despite not having a job because I loved her so much and wanted to support her and her family the best I could. unfortunately a couple years ago I was notified that she left the school and I wasn’t able to sponsor her anymore. did I cry about it? yes. did I cry about it as I wrote this? also yes. I am so grateful for this little girl who pushed me down this path.

This week I remind myself that im learning Spanish in the hopes that one day I will go back to Guatemala.

ill also include a slideshow of picture of my trip and a video!

extra bonus: my team met Shawn Mendes on the trip back as we were in the Calgary airport.

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