Learning Project Week 8; The myth of adults ability to learn language

Learning a new language is harder for adults and easier for children, this is a fact that is fairly well known. I was using it as an excuse to why im so bad at this, however that isn’t exactly true. I assumed the reason kids can learn languages so easily is because their brain still has a lot of plasticity and other science things but in actuality the reason behind this fast learning is very different.

Growing up I worked at a summer camp and the very last week was “deaf camp”. Yes, it was a camp for people who are deaf and their families. I learned sign language each year and by the end of the week I was fairly fluent and could communicate okay. so why can I learn sign language and not Spanish? The answer is immersion!

Kids learn languages so easily because they are usually immersed in it. for an example think about a child immigrating to panda, they are in school, reading, writing, playing and hearing this language all day. if they want to make friends they have to learn and so they do, very quickly. adults on the other hand like to stick to what they know. we will seek out the familiar, finding friends who speak our language, speaking to our kids in our language and ETC.

I know that duo lingo will never make me fluent but I now know that fluency is actually attainable if I try hard enough and immerse myself.

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