Learning Project Week 9

Another story time! These story games are my favourite ways to learn Spanish as it teaches me real conversations rather than words or just sentences.

The Story: The Honeymoon

the translation:

Cab Driver: hello! good morning

lucia: hello, I need to go to the airport

CD: vacation?

lucia: no vacation, I have a ticket for Madrid, two tickets..

CD: Madrid is my favourite country! it is beautiful!

Wow! how exciting that maria is going to Madrid! but why does she have 2 tickets? we find out lucia is actually going to Madrid on her honeymoon, alone because her new wife doesn’t want to go with her. how rude

The translation:

Lucia: Maria?

Maria: Lucia! I’m so sorry! I love you

Lucia: I love you too.

Maria: lets go to Madrid!

CD: enjoy your honeymoon!

I love a happy ending! these activities are cute, easy and make me feel like I actually know Spanish!

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