A late week 3

This week our class explored twitter! I’ve been on Twitter since 2012, you can gather that from my personal Twitter handle of @lilyelder1d. Yes, 1D as in One Direction and yes they were the reason I joined Twitter in the hopes that they would fall in love with a 13-year-old me. Although I’ve been on Twitter for a while I wasn’t it often. It was probably the last social media that I would check and only if I was super bored. As I’ve gotten older and my interests have grown further than one direction I started using it more frequently. Sadly the biggest reason I started using Twitter regularly was with the death of George Floyd. Twitter is more informational than Instagram or Facebook and I started to want to know more about what was going on WHEN it was going on. I was following along with the protests, the riots, the election and the siege of the capital and felt fairly informed. To me, Twitter is more of a new tool than a social media platform.

I really enjoyed this class! I was very engaged and it was fun! I never really tweet so it was a new experience for me. I liked seeing what my fellow students were saying and the questions posed were actually thought-provoking. I give a chef’s kiss to this activity.

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Feedly findings

This week I chose “Feedly” to explore and find some education based blogs to follow. Feedly lets you follow topics you are interested in so I followed Arts Education, Education and online learning. Feedly exposes you to new content that you would not have found otherwise.

the first article that I found interesting is this:

Self-care is very important especially in the world today as online school is a new thing that we are all trying to navigate. teachers are really bad for pushing themselves into burnout so self care is cubical to keep us healthy and in turn be better teachers.

if you know me personally you know that im pretty hooked on Podcasts. its really helpful to me to be able to listen rather than red because then I can multitask. thanks to freely I found this article:

Top 5 Educational Podcasts for Teachers

I learn much easier listening rather than reading and I think podcasts could be an amazing learning resource.

Feedly is a great and easy resource to find new ideas on teaching, art, online learning and more as well as being an easy platform to navigate.

What do you think? What did you find on Freedly?

About me

About me!

My name is Lilyanne Elder. I grew up in Regina and attended Regina Christian school from K-12. I am currently enrolled in the 4th year of my art education degree. This is my last semester as i just finished a wonderful internship out at fort Qa’Appelle. I’ve always been passionate about the arts and specifically theatre and really enjoy working with children so it just felt like a perfect fit for me. After finishing my degree in arts ed I am hoping to continue my education by going into education psycology so I can work even more closely with children. Ive used this blog since my very first semester! Ecs 110, 210, 410 and now EDTC 400 and I still have problems figuring out this site haha. I feel like a seasoned blogger after all my time in these classes. This is a link to my twitter https://twitter.com/lilyelder1D don’t make fun of my user I made it at 13.